Retreat "Lotus Disclosure"
in Altai 2021

It was a powerful magical work with a group to pump consciousness and mind. Designed to change the construction of the mind and approach enlightenment.


Included: elaboration of negative programs, attitudes and formulations; removal of false aspects of perception and beliefs that block and block development; changing thinking and energy channels: attunement to luck and self-realization; restructuring of the physical programming of the body and attitudes for recovery and improvement of the body.

How was our retreat

Hello everyone.

So our wonderful magical retreat of the unfolding of the lotus, which lasted for three days, ended. Although it began much earlier when the whole group arrived, when we threw a delicious feast and started holding table tennis tournaments.
The work was very intense, in the morning the group had exercises, then a lecture and energy work, then magical work in nature and in the evening liberation and restructuring through various entertainments (music, games, chess and dances)
As a result, the study of the retreat turned out to be very multifaceted, both from a magical and from a psychological point of view.

Every day, tasks were given for independent work on oneself and a completely new interesting topic was revealed.

In general, all the guys in the group managed to rally, have a good time and very deeply change themselves for the better, through the atmosphere and elaboration that Anna did even outside of energy work.

We had a great time, learned a lot of interesting things and went through the deepest transformation of our inner state.