Spiritual Leader and White Magician
From Russia


Hello! My name is Annaya.


I'm the spiritual leader of the White Lotus School, bioenergy master and white wizard. I have been working in this field for ten years already. I have extensive practical experience of work with certain energy and magical practices. I get my knowledge from practical experience and telepathic communications with a different High Entities of the thin plan, also I'm cooperating with Angels quite closely (I'm learning different skills from them) and with some alien races as well.


I received my first initiation ten years ago when one alien civilization came into contact with me. Subsequently, I spent several years of life in Altai where I received a magical initiation from the local spirits. At the present I have the initiation from the American master of White Magic (Healing of the Spirit and the Hallowed Magic scripture),at the same time I practice the magic of Ki Vesta ( Ki Vesta cards is an ancient and powerful alchemical instrument of instantaneous materialization of our intentions) and I work with several magical sources having a special initiation (I'm reading spells in Latin). I'm studing how to work with energies and to understand the thin plan's procceses from the angels. Also I have the first level of the Awakening thanks to working together with the white shaman source of Holy Land at the expense of which I received an expansion of consciousness.


To date, I work with various energetic and magical practices on the impact on reality and on people (I have a wide practice and a theoretical basis in this direction), I hold an individual work, group lectures, travelling seminars, initiations and magic practices. My main profile is to help people to master their abilities laid down by birth and also to help to develope these abilities and its application at the domestic level.


I can help you to find the way out and to identify the causes of problems and how to solve them.


My task is to be a Guiding Light on the Path of lost souls!


I'm always ready to help you where it's necessary!

Let the Love be your Guiding Star!


Certificate of Spiritual Master Almin from America

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White lotus school diplomas issued​