Altay Fest 2020

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How did everything go

 Our magical Altai fest 2020 is over!
This year we were expected to practice students, graduate works, Annai's energy works, a shamanic rite with the spirits of the universe, Annaya's lectures, graduates' energetic works, the birthday of the School of Philosophy. And also the opening of our store WHITE LOTUS, all the products of which you can see on this link.
At the school celebration, we watched a concert of graduates according to a script written by Anna and Mirra.
And also we were waiting for a restaurant dinner from a professional chef who attended our festival!
We were able to have a wonderful time, meditate, do a lot of study and learn a lot.
The video from our festival will tell you more about everything.

All public lectures from the festival can be viewed here.


You can watch the interviews of the participants here.


As well as reviews and pleasant words from all participants.

See you next year in Altai !!!!!!