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master Annaya

master Annaya

Tibetan spiritual techniques of inner strength
Duration 1 hour.

 In this lecture, Anna reveals to us the secret Tibetan technology of working with her consciousness. By mastering these techniques you will be able to gain inner strength and integrity that will allow you to achieve success in any area of ​​your life.

This ancient knowledge has been used for centuries by dedicated monks in practice, which allowed them to develop extreme self-control in many areas of life and endowed them with the internal energy of Chi.
This lecture includes several technologies for independent practice, which Anna describes. Based on this knowledge, you will be able to independently practice and hone your inner strength in the main areas of life.

                           The World Order

This world is deep, interesting, and multidimensional. We know only a small part of it, so what is waiting for us beyond the known? Parallel worlds, other dimensions, other planets - what is our role in all of this and where are we belong to?

Annaya will help you to consciously aware of your purpose and the existence's meaning in the hole picture of understanding the multidimensional world.

Only knowledge of its true structure will answer who you are and will open the doors of possibilities and implementations of everything you want and even of what you were afraid to want.


            Discover Your Spiritual Name!

This is a short technology to know how you can find your own spiritual name.
The spiritual name is your unique divine sound which the Creator and the Angels call you by. This is a musical symphony heard by the God himself.
Annaya will teach you to understand this divine vibration in the well-known common letters. Thus, you will be able to determine the sound of your spiritual name.This will give you the deepest connection with the divine flow and the strength when communicating with another dimension.

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                     The Understanding of God!

In this lecture, Annaya will reveal the sacred understanding of the divine essence. The secret of the understanding of God inside and in the outside world. This knowledge will help you to discover the divine potential within yourself and to understand exactly how you need to call the divine beggining inside of you.

All religions tell us the same thing but differently. It is very important for us to understand God outside and inside of us correctly in order to realize our role in the World and in the Universe. So, who are we in the relation to God? What is our role in this world?
Annaya will talk about all these questions in the lecture, revealing the keys to understanding yourself in the sacred divinity.


Technologies for Disclosing the Clear Knowing



Is it possible to know everything about everything, or to get any information you are interested in about the world? Spiritual teacher Annaya says that this knowledge is an innate tool of everyone, we just forgot how to use it.


In this lecture, Annaya will help us to develop the clear knowing, which is the ability to get any answers to any questions that interest us through the direct divine channel. After a lecture part of the video a magic session is held to reavil your own talent for clear knowing.


You will be able to work independently on the technologies given to you by the teacher Annaya, and to develop the ability of getting information about everything you want..


This is the channel of creators from the star called Sirius.


Technologies for Disclosing the Clairvoyance



Clairvoyance is a great gift that only a few of us can have… Is it really true?


The spiritual teacher Annaya refutes this belief and says that almost everyone can learn this, if only they try hard.


In this lecture Annaya will tell you about the secret technologies and practical exercises, with the help of which you will be able to reveal this gift of clairvoyance. And during this lecture a magic session will be held to reveal the channel that helps to develop such a skill inside of you.


You will be able to have this magical gift due to a little work and self-improvement.