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Annaya is a Spiritual White Wizard (Sorcerer), that's why on an equal basis with groop works she also conducts an individual magic work.

Fundamentally Annay works with clarification of your way in life to the better in all directions where you have stagnation for various reasons.




The magic of reality: destiny's building, changing the direction of your life, creation of a new succeseful branch of reality in your life.

In some cases an accompaniment of large projects and large-scale daels is possible.


Fight against the black magic attacks; removal of a wampire's connection, black magic influence and alien's attacks on you.


Recovery of your broken bodies structures, reunification with your soul, our higher self and another constructions of your delicate bodies which were broken during attacks and another kinds of influences on you.



Elaboration of your birth karma, launching of its correct elaboration process in physical reality. An elaboration of your soul's karma and support for changing the line of self-realization in this incarnate.


Spiritual way and self-understanding: the specific feature of all Annaya's work is filing of insights (clarification, enlightenment) in lectures as well as in energy work which will lead you to another level of development.




Annaya is working on your photo for 3 days without skype calling or personal meeting. So, you should pay for work and send your photo where you're standing upright. After Annaya has completed her work she will write you an e-mail about it. You'll understand the result of work by your own feelings.




During the work (3 days) it is advisable not to do another energy practice. It's necessary to relax more and sleep a lot if it's possible and do not bother yourself at all.

Сonsequences of the work will be revealed gradually in your interior feelings, perception and then in your life.

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