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Life Huck! Draw Your Image for Others Yourself!

Обновлено: 2 мар. 2020 г.

Hello, everyone! I want to tell you a small and very interesting technique that will help you to work with the way that other people perceive you. I've found out that the way you are judged by other people in their unconscious mass is written on your energy structures.

There is a picture of your personality, which everyone reads at the first meeting with you and this is how they will see you in the future. Of course it’s not about those people who is sincere and close to you. But such reactions just shows how sincere a person is to you and whether he is not a hypocrite. Because those people who are not emotionally related to you usually do not leave this program, but those who truly love you can see you beyond it. . At the same time, years of communication do not matter. Sometimes even your parents can see you through this program all their life, and the people who met you recently can see your real face.

You can find this program at the top of the mind and I will tell you a little life huck how it can be changed without much work with your thin bodies. Of course, the incorrect perception of you is the result of many generic and negative programs that need to be worked out and removed. But this problem can be solved more detailed and quickly. We need to work separately with the way that other people see you.

Imagine that at the top of your head there is something like a clean sheet of paper (or energy) on which others paint with a pencil, it is responsible just for the way that other people see you. Try to draw your image with this pencil (not in detail, but just how you feel - sensually) on this sheet. Of course, it is not about how proper you see the picture of yourself in detail, but with which sense you're drawing it, no matter if it's an incomprehensible image for you. But in the case if someone is slandering you, you can erase negative thoughts on this sheet and paint over new ones.

By the way, you can also draw this image on a real sheet of paper, keeping attention in your imagination on this part of your consciousness (that is, correctly following the idea that you are not just drawing, but creating your appearance for others). So, you can remove negative and slander from yourself and make people perceive you as they should, not in the way drawn by the system.

Good luck with your paintings!

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