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Mermaid's Magic

Обновлено: 2 июн. 2020 г.

Hello, everyone! Recently I had to work with the underwater creatures magic. And I've learned that some magic marks ( it can be black magic or messages) can be opened and removed only by puting them under the water. As in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where he was able to hear the magical song of the mermaids by puting the magic egg under the water.

Turns out it's true!

In my case, it took me a lot of time to remove one black magic, because it was completely sealed and did not allow anything to pass into it. It looked like a dirty stone. It was an overlay made through the water magic, but then I guessed to put it under the water in my imagination and, as a result, the magic was fully revealed. I clearly saw it and all the options for its removing.

A lot of magic is sealed precisely by the element it works. And in order for to be able to see everything it must be immersed in the element from which it came. And then you'll be able to fully master it ( to transform, to remove and to reveal).

If you dive mentally under the water and imagine your own magical world with all its light and dark moments just under the water, then a new facet of your subconscious will open up for you. Through this vision you will have many moments that you could not see in yourself before and you'll be able to transform a lot of things. During to this method you'll be able to open the so-called" blind spot " in your subconscious.

As they say, "it's time to bring yourself to the surface"!

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