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Technique: How to Separate False Information from True Information.

Обновлено: 15 янв. 2020 г.

Hello everyone! Recently I managed to talk to one bright dragon and he showed me a lot in the energies and its distortions. And this information came to me not during wakefulness but in a dream. The point is that it was very easy to distinguish false information from the true one if only take a look into its structure.

  • If you imagine the information as an energy or as some structure (tick-box and chip), it is very easy to understand its parts. The false information looks like dead and soulless structure not endowed with any meaning (except the empty thoughts), the truthful information is endowed with a sense and glows like energy (white light). The point is that the illusion is a sham which is not strengthened by any emotions since you have never supported it or believed in it (although you were convinced in the opposite), but the real information is always supported by heart's sensations and emotions, so it clearly stands out as alive and real. It is very simple to distinguish them as the lie is illusory and empty and the truth is real and full. That's why by following the lie a person does not have anything in the end (except the emptiness inside) but by following the truth he acquires wealth and himsel. People understand this indirectly but it absolutely has direct sense of the simplest emotional enrichment of themselves and their life with its paints, i.e. emotions. Our wealth is our sincere emotions.

With the help of this simple technology, you can tear the false and the true information inside of you apart, and untangle the intricate thoughts in your mind about yourself and others. So you will always know where the truth is and where lies. This can be traced in the words of another person in the same way determining where he says the truth and where he lies (while he subconsciously will see everything just like you, because he believes only in the truth).

This technique is also good in hacking the fake programs and in returning your energy that you left somewhere in the past or in other karmic incarnations (for example, if somewhere else you've lost some parts of you).. You can try this technique on any information you want to scan and then you will learn to see everything in real light with the flip of a switch.

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