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The House of Your Soul and its Magic Features!

Обновлено: 5 мая 2020 г.

Hello, everyone! In this article, I'd like to tell you a very interesting magic topic only few people know about. Everyone knows who the brownie ( house ) is and what it does in the house of each of you. But what people don't really know is that home is a much more global concept than you think. For each of us, the most important home is the physical body. This is our soul's home. On the subtle plane, it looks like the house of the soul, as it's called. However, you have no idea that there are also brownies in these homes. And yes, there is also a guardian spirit of your main house.

By the way, brownies can be chosen for our homes consciously . It can be changed during the life time. For our bodies, the brownie and the spirit guardian are the aspect of a particular animal in a conscious version.Most often our brownies are cats and on the subtle plane they talk to us and they are ready to help us in magic and in many other things inside of us. Of course, there are other keepers of your soul house as well. However, it doesn't matter your guardian is, first of all you need to find out how he manifests himself and how harmonious your relationship with him is. Often our homekeepers are handed down to us from our family and do not always correspond to the goals of our incarnation or be in a harmonious relationship with us. In this case, you can exchange these keepers for others. In order to choose a new guardian, it's enough to ask the patron spirits where they can be found in the spiritual world and to describe the desired criteria in your relationship with them and with your co-operative work ( helping you in the incarnation). Only few of you know that a good brownie in your soul home can help you to solve many of life's problems, support or protect you and your body, and help to attract or create some circumstances in life. Of course, brownies do not have an unlimited power, but still a certain part of the magic work can be performed only by them. And your brownie can introduce you to his capabilities and skills in more detail. Go ahead to new meetings and expanding your knowledge!

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