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The Magic of Herbs.Untie the Karmic Knotes.

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Hello, everyone! In the run-up to our lectures on fighting snakes, I'd like to give one of the techniques in general access.Of course, at the lecture we will consider the kinds of influences on you and how they are neutralized in the root, but still, I can give you small technologies of struggle against them in a separate context.

Very often snakes confuse our life channels, which pass the energies of God through us, showing them in certain events. Thus, they spoil and completely distort our lives, for we simply cannot act as conductors in such interference. Since being a conductor is our basic nature, it turns out that they violate our natural essence and by doing this they destroy our lives in the roots.

In the snakes' nature they should, on the contrary, protect our personal borders and not allow anyone to intrude into them with incorrect goals, but now they are the first to invade these borders and destroy you inside by letting in everything.

Besides general technology, Druids and Druidic magic work well with snakes. In general, the snake confusion is based on the knowledge that they overlap our channels and deprive them of the vital energy that should flow through them (it's just like blocking veins from blood flow, you will obviously feel bad).

To solve this problem, it's necessary to return the flow of vitality with great pressure to restore the flow of energy and untangle the channels. And the magic of plants best cope with this, since on the way to growth plants are able to destroy any structures, including nodal superstructures of snakes. In general, Druidic magic can save us from snake knots by healing in the proper way. Imagine lianas and plant wicker at the bottom of your legs and energy channels. Let them grow as a vital force through their energy channels, reaching different knots in them. After that you should pull out these wickers inspite of the knots. Then the power of your herbal world will untie these knots. In fact, herbal magic is designed to unravel any knot. Since plants have a very powerful go-getter force and their life energy is very aggressive to destructive structures. That's why they often destroy even our buildings and technologies, which are revealed incorrectly.

Generally, the life force in plants is so concentrated that it resonates with sexual energy in us and in fact they are the keepers of the correct flow of vital energy in the body. And the principle of herbal magic is also equal to the first basis of our life energy, this is the process of reproduction. This is the strongest energy which is able to break any blockages, and that's why snakes especially powerful block and absorb the sexual energies.

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