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The Potion to Contact with Atlantis.

Обновлено: 24 янв. 2020 г.

Hello, everyone! Yesterday I had a fruitful work of communication with Atlantis and I managed to learn a lot and to talk a lot about many things. There I've got healing codes (which I shared with you in the video) and communication channel. Also I've got the formulas for leveling genetics to the ideal healty state which I'll give to you later. After their application, I've been to astral plane through which I got knowledge about how to make the snakes to reach the Atlantis. And I just want to describe it here.

I was told that in order to open a portal of communication with Atlantis it is necessary to take clean mountain water, a piece of mountain and to put an emotion. It'll be a cocktail to activate the portal. And under pure mountain water was meant not just physically clean water but water pure by energy, it should not have any outside information in itself. This kind of water can be collected only in a special mountain sources far from the populated centre. ( By the way, we'll try to collect such artifacts for you this summer with the White Lotus School). Well and it is clear that water should be not sea but fresh.

Under the piece of mountain apparently meant a stone directly taken from the mountain as its bevel (rocky terrain). But it is not from the ground and not a stone lying on the ground - it's a stone taken from the mountain. I think it can by any mountain cause they note the heights as antenna for communication and realization of contacts through them.

And the last one is the emotion you're putting inside - it's the direct feeling that you want to get in touch with Atlantis. I saw this emotion as a light ball putting into the water which was ready for the portal's opening.

And when all this is combined (added to the liquid or just dripping on the stone) you can pour out all of it and spread to the place where you want to open the portal or in front of the bed so that during sleep you'll have an out-of-body experience to Atlantis. Well, remember that you shouldn't drink it, guys.The potion is targeted at the place. In the astral plane, we even filled a small bucket of water and did it in the apartment (in our subconscious) and then we had a displacement.

I've tried to produce this spell in the subconscious and I had a connection with Atlantis telepathically.The most important thing is to have a correct emotion, I had a thought like "I wish to know about Atlantis and ask some questions ..." and it looked bluish white. Probably the wording would be enough. But anyway, the attribute's magic is always more powerful than just thinking about how you do it and do not forget that I just was near the Atlantis and it worked better.

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