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Welcome to the White Lotus School!


White Lotus School as an integrated system is recently established. Nevertheless today it can offer you detailed diagnostics and a number of practices that can bring you at a new level of self-awareness and solve a lot of problems in your life.


The name "White Lotus School" is a course of teaching which is taught by Annaya and her students. White Lotus School's teching is familiar to us from the ancient times, for this is the doctrine of the Truth, self-awareness and consciousness-raising. That's why the main tilt of all Annaya's training courses and classes is an awakening of your awareness and its evolution through the Enlightenment. However this is not achieved through practices that are detached from the Earth, and on the contrary understanding of their Earth experience which you are giong through now, all its processes and events taking place in your life. True Enlightenment brings you to life right here in the moment, for making it's wonderful and full of love, while misconceptions in this sense create a gap from Truth and, as a result, leads to suffering.



Individual work


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3 days




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Altai, Russia

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